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Dr. Jasna C.Lay
Founder and vicepresident,
Specialist in Gifted Education


20. travnja 2016. pri Centru za raziskovanje in spodbujanje nadarjenosti (CRSN) Pedagoškog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Ljubljani, jednom od 14 akreditiranih europskih Talent centara/ European Talent Centres, održana je svečana promocija novih članica europske mreže tzv. Euroean Talent Points s područja Hrvatske i regije. Svečanost se odvija pod patronatom Europskog vijeća za visoke sposobnosti /European Council for High Ability (ECHA), krovne nevladina organizacije koja uživa savjetodavni status pri Vijeću Europe a čija je misija promicanje istraživanja i razvoja obrazovanja darovitih. Europska mreža potpore darovitima /European Talent Support Network je od 2014. godine novonastajuća i europska mreža potpore skrbi za darovite čija su čvorišta upravo European Talent Centri, a jedinice mreže su European Talent Pointovi. Naš je Centar osnovan 1995. jedan od onih sa najduljim stažem postojanja i djelovanja na području izvaninstutucionalnog odgoja i obrazovanja darovite djece u Hrvatskoj a voditeljica programa i projekata Centra prvi je stručnjak u Hrvatskoj obrazovan u sklopu stručnih edukacija ECHA-a te je preporuke za uključivanje u ovu mrežu uputila i ostalim izabranim Pointovima iz Hrvatske.

Dr. Jasna Cvetković-Lay, Echa Specialist in Gifted Education


Svečanost promocije European Talent Points: 20.travnja 2016. Ljubljana


Dr. Jasna Cvetković-Lay, Echa Specialist in Gifted Education CENTAR ZA POTICANJE DAROVITOSTI DJETETA „BISTRIĆ“, ZAGREB
Dr. sc. Željko Rački, Echa Specialist in Gifted Education, ECHA national correspondent FAKULTET ZA ODGOJNE I OBRAZOVNE ZNANOSTI, OSIJEK







Centar za poticanje darovitosti djeteta “Bistrić”

Center for Gifted Child Development “Bistrić”


Short summary of the activities

Center is an NGO that operates in the field of teacher trainings in gifted education, workshops for gifted children and counseling for parents. Center organized many applied activities, six big projects supported by national and local educational institutions and international conference for 11 countries in transition “National networks for the gifted” supported by Soros foundation and CBO (Nijmegen, The Netherlands). The staff of the Center carried out more than one hundred workshops for gifted children during the school year. This enriched extra-curricular program complying with the needs of schools and parents for alternative methods of working with gifted children which often goes over the possibility within the regular school system. Considering more frequent difficulties gifted children faced in regular classroom, this program has distinctively preventive character. Also it satisfies special educational needs of gifted children in planning and realization of teaching challenges on principles of enrichment, project teaching, as well as deepness and extension of distinctive interests that is congruent to the level of psychological and cognitive development of the gifted child.       

In – service teacher trainings and educations:

·         One-day seminars (theoretical -practical part)

·         Projects (longer durability which include identification & organization of the program )

·         Demonstration of special didactics, brain games and educational materials for the gifted.

·         Organizing specialized and enriched programs, workshops and summer schools.

Playgroups and workshops for the gifted:

·         Playgroups  for pre-school children (4 -7 years)

·         Workshops for primary school children (7-10 years)

·         Workshops for gifted children with special needs

Workshops and individual counselling for parents

Workshops for volunteers and helpers


*      In 2009. Center is proposed, as one of the key institutional resources in the field of early child development and education in Croatia, to be included in Directory of human, institutional and technical recourses in countries of Middle and East Europe and former Soviet Union (UNICEF & ISSA project).

About the NGO founder &program coordinator:

·         She is a psychologist, ECHA specialist, with twenty four years of working experience in educational system.

·         Croatian Psychological Association has assigned her in 2003. annual psychological award “Marko Marulić” for remarkably valuable contribution in applied psychology.

·         She was lectured two courses on University of Zagreb: Psychology of the Gifted and Methods & techniques in psychological assessment of giftedness.

·         She is the author of five handbooks and editor of four booklets  ( )






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Nikole Pavića 5

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++385 99 38 78 421           








Contact person - Name

Dr. Jasna Cvetković-Lay, ECHA spec.

Founder & program coordinator


Contact person - e-mail

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Invited speaker presentation at 14 th International ECHA Conference


Dr. Jasna Cvetković-Lay, psychologist
ECHA specialist
Centre for Gifted Child Development "Bistrić"


Extra-curricular enriched program for gifted students -
Individual projects in Informatics and Robotics

This presentation consists of three parts. The first part gives a short overview of a general context of social values which enable or disable gifted individuals to progress and focus towards a socially positive direction, as well as those that support the development of important personality characteristics. There are two sides to the digital era, and there is no country, including Croatia, which has been spared of the so called cybercrime or dangerous games of non-focused computer geniuses (so called hacking). Then follows the part with an example of the absurdity in the formal education system in Croatia that does not give (too) young gifted informaticians the opportunity to participate in competitions, and that does not add the points achieved in competition participation to the points necessary for entering a secondary or higher education despite the incredible results that the young informaticians have been achieving for years on all national competitions and international IT Olympics.

In the second part of the presentation a few most important advantages of the interaction between a gifted child and a computer, the incredible device with unlimited possibilities, will be provided from the development psychology viewpoint. The indicators of professionally applied research carried out on the population of young informaticians are presented, implying that formal education system is not supportive enough for their special educational and pedagogical needs, which has induced us to initiate an extra-curricular enriched programme for gifted students.

The third part shows the goals of this extra-curricular enriched programme for gifted students that is being carried out at the "Bistrić" centre, together with an overview of workshop activities with gifted students in informatics and robotics. Tutors particularly encourage the creativity in constructing individual programming projects. This will be presented through a power-point presentation of gifted children individual projects on constructing and programming objects in virtual 3D space of virtual reality of a world net. Individual children projects on the programming of Lego educational sets - Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorms - will be presented in the second enclosed presentation. With high-quality tutors, gifted children can already in their first and second primary school grades (age 6-8) acquire complex concepts and create programmes at a considerably higher level than the expected one through programming with Lego Mindstorms EV3 system.

Key words:  gifted students, extra-curricular enriched program, computer education, creativity, independent individual projects, programming, robotics, constructing objects in virtual reality, Lego education.

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099 38 78 421

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Nikole Pavića 5, 10090 Zagreb

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